Download Whatsapp for Windows 7 32/64 bit

Download Whatsapp for Windows 7 32/64 bit:For all of you who have been  awaiting the arrival of the Whatsapp for Windows , the wait is over. Now we can keep our conversations directly from the computer through the official program of the application, without having to open the browser for it. Now you can easily get Whatsapp for Windows 7 32 bit or 64 bit.

whatsapp for windows 7

WhatsApp messanger for Windows and Mac now available
Since there are many questions that this new platform can generate to users, we have decided to gather some of the most important facts about WhatsApp for Windows that you should know before installing the program.

‘WhatsApp for  Windows 7’, what do I have to know before installing it?

If we enter the official page to download WhatsApp in Windows (here), we will see that under the whatsapp download for pc button it is clearly indicated that “WhatsApp must be installed on your phone. Windows 8 and above. ” As some users have already reported, the PC version of this application also works on Windows 7, so even if we do not meet the official requirements we can try to install the program on the computer. You can also download whatsapp for windows xp.

It’s WhatsApp Web, really

WhatsApp in Windows is nothing more than the adaptation of WhatsApp Web within an executable program .EXE. Everything is exactly the same as in WhatsApp Web, with the only peculiarity that now some options appear in the upper part of the program window (WhatsApp, Edit, View, Chat and Help are the options available in the toolbar).

So much so that the instructions of the program redirect us directly to the FAQ section of the WhatsApp web version. Of course, the developers do not hide that it is a simple adaptation of the version for browsers.

You still need the mobile
Indeed, for WhatsApp to work in Windows it is necessary that our mobile is connected to the network. As in the version for the browser, at the moment that our phone is disconnected, we completely lose the ability to answer messages from the computer.

How are notifications displayed?

The incoming messages that we receive while we are using WhatsApp in the computer will be shown to us through two different warnings: first, in the lower bar of the PC we will see that the icon of the program will light up with a number in red color; later, the operating system itself will show us a pop-up notification on the side of the screen.

The notifications that this program shows on the computer are – at least in the case of Windows – those that the operating system brings by default (that is, the same ones that appear to us when, for example, we have a new update available to install) .

What is that red exclamation?

The red icon (with a “!”) That appears on the program does not mean anything other than the loss of the internet connection on the phone, which means that the program will stop working until we re-connect our mobile to the network (is something that can happen when, for example, the device goes to sleep and disables WiFi).

What is “Receive beta updates”?


Within the “Help” tab we will see that a menu with different options is displayed. If we click on the option “Receive beta updates” we will see that the only thing that happens is that the option will remain activated; from that moment, the program will send us all the versions in tests that are available over time. If we want to avoid these versions in tests (they are usually unstable), all we have to do is make sure that the option is disabled.

And to you, what did you think of WhatsApp for Windows 7 64 bit or 32 bit? Has it been a huge disappointment, or the arrival of the program is useful for day to day?.click on download and install whatsapp on laptop or pc. Has it given you any kind of error during the installation or use of the program?.If you face any problem please tell us in Comment Section,

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